This is the fundamental layer.

Are you paying attention to the right things? Are you measuring the right things? Are you accurately measuring the right things?

The quality of your decisions ultimately starts here.


Now that you have the raw data, it’s time to organize it.

Are you going to sort according to size? By color? By texture?

This is where your organizational principles inform what kind of information you have to work with.


Now that the data is organized into information, what can you know about it?

What trends are you identifying?

What do you notice if you rearrange the data into different shapes of information?

Does anything persist across information types?

This is knowledge.

But what do you do about it?


This is where quality & discernment come into the picture.

I can know the right things, but what can I do with it?

What should I do with it?

This is the power of wisdom.