Your Divergent Guide To Success

Because we have to get your mind right before you can get paid.


  • What Are Mentalist Powers?

    Mentalist powers are the skills, strategies, and techniques that make the most out of your mental potential. Non-rhetorical question: if you can’t imagine something different, what are the chances that you’ll create something different? Our answer is “zero percent.” Success and living a good life is less about knowing the right thing and more about…

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  • A Bizarrely Effective Way To Tell Someone Their Idea Stinks Without Making An Enemy

    You might have heard of the compliment sandwich. You tell them something you like, then something you don’t like, then something you like. The “bad” thing is sandwiched between two good things. I’m not going to use that tactic here. I’m just going to tell you that idea is awful. Why? Because it ends on…

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  • Body Informs Mind

    Ever practiced martial arts? If you have, you probably figured out (real quick) that your mind does a piss poor job of controlling the body. In fact, it’s the other way around. Your body does what it does, and then tells your mind “Hey, we’re doing this now.” And, just like an ego-driven CEO, your…

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  • The Four Stages Of Insight

    Data This is the fundamental layer. Are you paying attention to the right things? Are you measuring the right things? Are you accurately measuring the right things? The quality of your decisions ultimately starts here. Information Now that you have the raw data, it’s time to organize it. Are you going to sort according to…

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  • A Primer

    There are particular skills that are highly correlated with living a good life that transcend time, space, and culture. These are what we call Mentalist Powers used by people we call Mentalists. Primary Skills These are the fundamental skills that every single successful person has mastered. Without them, life becomes unbearable. Primary Qualities With these…

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  • What Is A Mentalist?

    A Mentalist is someone who has mastered the workings of their mind. Consequently, they can leverage their imagination to dream a world that doesn’t exist before putting their full focused attention & energy on making their dream a reality. This process looks like magic to the ignorant & uninitiated. For you? It’ll be just another…

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  • Aren’t You Born With This Or Not?

    Yes, and no. Say each of us is born with a certain amount of gold, and its buried. We have to put in effort to uncover it. To process it. To remove the impurities that dilute its value. In one way it doesn’t matter how much gold you’re born with if you don’t put in…

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  • Do You Really Need Mentalist Powers?

    If you want to be average? No. If you want to be your best? You can’t do it without them. Competence, at its root, is a function of your beliefs about what you’re capable of. Your beliefs of what’s possible in the first place. Your assumptions about the world, what’s true, and what’s not. Your…

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  • About The Project

    There are no straight lines in nature. Nor on the path to success. So why do we obey the tyranny of the page? Answer? We don’t. This book is all over the place. I t d i v e r g e s. itconverges. It wanders all over the place, and picks up where you…

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