Yes, and no.

Say each of us is born with a certain amount of gold, and its buried.

We have to put in effort to uncover it. To process it. To remove the impurities that dilute its value.

In one way it doesn’t matter how much gold you’re born with if you don’t put in the work to make the most of it.

Someone else can be born with more than you, and do less with it.

Someone else can be born with less than you, and put in more work to refine theirs.

But, even if it is an in-born thing, that is not a useful way of thinking.

The smarter bet is to approach life like Mentalist Powers are skills that can be taught, learned, cultivated, and improved.

These skills are not factoids that you tick off in a database somewhere.

These are approaches to doing the right things at the right time in the right way to get the right results.

Some are specific to the mission. Some are useful no matter what you’re trying to do with your life.

The things we focus on here are the universal principles that leverage the power of fundamental human psychology to work with your mind rather than fighting your nature.

Wouldn’t it be nice to make winning easy for once in your life?

Let’s give it a try.