If you want to be average? No.

If you want to be your best? You can’t do it without them.

Competence, at its root, is a function of your beliefs about what you’re capable of. Your beliefs of what’s possible in the first place. Your assumptions about the world, what’s true, and what’s not.

Your chances at success rest on whether or not you choose to break free of your cultural social programming. Can you recognize and “uninstall” the taboos, limits, inhibitions, and restrictions that society expects of you?

You’re sure not going to do it by piling onto the mountain of trivia you can remember. You’re not going to do it by watching more “programming”

(Ever think about why TV is called “programming”?)

Time & time again we’ve seen people come alive when they realize that their life is theirs to live on their terms. To explore and play however they want.

The decision happens in a moment, but the results take time.

Challenge yourself a little here. A little there. Learn one new skill. Practice for awhile. Dabble in a couple more and stretch your creativity.

Each step will connect with the one that came before it, but every choice will take you farther into the unknown.

It can be scary. It can feel like dying.

And it can be fun in the way you used to have as a kid exploring the whole wide world.

Wouldn’t that be nice?