Mentalist powers are the skills, strategies, and techniques that make the most out of your mental potential.

Non-rhetorical question: if you can’t imagine something different, what are the chances that you’ll create something different?

Our answer is “zero percent.”

Success and living a good life is less about knowing the right thing and more about knowing how to do the right thing the right way at the right time with the right people.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein

Einstein was an idiot, but he got that right.

Our hope for you is to free you from the burden of facts, and focus on the habits, beliefs, and behaviors of the successful.

There are strategies that are built on pre-cultural foundations. That means that they will work for anyone from anywhere at any time in history (and the future).

The Mentalist Power Manual is the result of thousands of hours spent searching for the secrets of success.

We have scoured countless biographies, interviews, manuals, books, courses, guides, and cults to bring you the rare valuable insights that show themselves across all times and all cultures and all dimensions.

Put them into practice in your own life to build your effectiveness (and confidence as a natural by-product of becoming more capable).


SIDE-EFFECTS OF LEARNING MENTALIST POWERS INCLUDE (BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO): Better social skills, better relationships, easier negotiations, more powerful persuasion, faster promotions at work, higher quality friendships, fewer lost opportunities, complete eradication of destructive habits & tendencies, repairing broken relationships, deeper sense of fulfillment, more motivation, more energy through your day, a sense of purpose & belonging, better decision making, fewer bad habits, improved memory, decisiveness, faster initiative, and better sex life. We are not liable for the loss of your self depreciation, dour attitudes, loser-think, depression, frustration, and other useless approaches to life. (But we might be responsible for it.)

Join us on this playful journey of self discovery, self awareness, and self improvement.